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QLD - Brisbane CBD and Brisbane South

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Wal Martin - Achievable Fitness Services, Springwood, Brisbane

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The Performance Pyramid 

Back in the early 90's when I first accredited  as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, the Performance Pyramid was basic and essential knowledge so I would hope that it is still taught.

So what is the Performance Pyramid?

Basically it is three levels of structured exercise to achieve a fitness goal.

Level 1. Foundation - developing a full range of movement throughout numerous positions to maximise functionality including flexibility and stability.

Level 2. Movement Efficiency - measurable strength and power.

Level 3. Performing a Sports Specific, Workplace Specific or Health Specific Activity.

All too many people, both experienced and novice, in their  enthusiasm to perform (level 3), attempt too difficult a movement pattern BEFORE building a foundation (level1) resulting in injury and performing below expectation or in the case of an athlete (professional or weekend warrior), not even being able to compete. So my advice is to find yourself a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer or Strength and Conditioning Coach to help you build a solid foundation and thus help you achieve your fitness goals!